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Have you been hearing disturbing sounds at night around your Mississippi home? If so, you may have a bat control problem!

Bats in the United States are almost always beneficial. Many bats feed on insects and can consume up to half their body weight in one night's feeding! Occasionally, however, they become a nuisance inside buildings or pose a public health problem. The bats that most often become a problem around people are those that live in colonies or groups, such as little brown bats and big brown bats. These species sometimes hibernate or roost inside buildings.  When this happens to you, call our teams 1-800-CRITTER for your bat removal needs.

Bats commonly enter buildings Mississippi through open windows or unscreened fireplaces, leaving you with a bat control problem. Don’t worry - our Mississippi bat control technicians and wildlife control personnel to eliminate your bat problems in the safest ways possible. Our team in Mississippi is expertly trained in bat removal techniques including bat trapping, bat proofing, bat exclusion and bat netting. All of our bat removal methods are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe to ensure that only humane bat control is practiced in Mississippi.

Whether you have one bat or an entire colony in your attic, if you need to get rid of bats, it is important to remember that bats can be very dangerous animals if handled incorrectly. Many carry infectious diseases, like rabies, and should only be handled by bat control professionals who are trained in bat control and expulsion techniques.

Call 1-800-CRITTER to find a Mississippi bat removal specialist today.

Our local Mississippi offices offer Bat Control & Bat Removal services in the following cities: Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, Bolton, Brandon, Byram, Canton, Cantonment, Clinton, D'iberville, Diamondhead, Edwards, Flora, Florence, Flowood, Gautier, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Learned, Long Beach, Madison, Moss Point, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Pass Christian, Pearl, Pelahatchie, Petal, Puckett, Raymond, Richland, Ridgeland, Terry, Utica, Vancleave, Waveland

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