Alberta Animal Odor Removal

You’ve removed the offending wildlife from your Alberta home, but it smells like they’re still there! There are many sources of animal odors found in the home. Our trained Wildlife Control Specialists can identify and remove odors from animal droppings and urine to decaying carcasses, body greases they’ve left in your Alberta home, even skunk spray. We find most Alberta odor complaints to originate from under decks, crawl spaces, attics, wall voids, chimneys, bathroom vents and floor drains.

Let our IIRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) specialists in Alberta identify the source of your odor problem and remove it (if possible).   We will clean affected surfaces and apply counteractants to eliminate the odor for good. Removal of the odor source is our first priority. If we can’t remove the source, we use aerosols, oxidizing agents, foggers and disinfectants with germicides to cover the smell, until nature completes this task for you. Ask your Alberta specialist which product will work for you, or let them handle the odor problem for you today.

Call the Alberta Animal Odor professionals today at 1-800-CRITTER.

Our local Alberta offices offer Animal Odor Removal services in the following cities:
Calgary, Edmonton